martin gantman


Duchamp's painting, "Tu m'," was placed over the bookshelves in Katherine Drier's library; his collage of ideas framing that aggregate of knowledge. In some libraries the bookshelves are merely facades which disguise and protect sanctums containing more esoteric information. These spaces are available to the prepared and the initiates whose desire is to penetrate the bindings that encompass learning. Others are left, with voyeurism and guilty pleasure, to experience the abated issue which lie before them.

The following pages detail the progress and evolution of "To M.," which began in 1996 and is ongoing and changing in its search for what bides behind the library shelves.

In this quest, as with all others, one must always be aware of indiscernible messages. That is, pay attention to the hand on your cursor as you move it through the words, books, doors, and "windows" (look for the embedded links in each page).

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